Welcome to Slide In!

SlideIn is a project to increase the use of electricity powered buses in cities. SlideIn is base on a technology where the bus connects to an overhead power line and charges the battery whilst driving. As the vehicle is charging whilst moving, charging efficiency is improved at the same time as the buses have the ability to drive on stretches without power lines. The project runs between September 2011 and December 2015 and the goal is to develop an attractive and cost effective solution for electrifying a larger share of public transport.

SlideIn provides:

Travel with the SlideIn-bus

The SlideIn bus runs on battery power as line 4 and 5 and charges the battery under the wire as line 3.

The time table shows the scheduled trips of the SlideIn bus, but as the bus is part of a pilot project, other vehicles may on some occasions take over the route.

Route map                                                                           Time table (click on the image)


Download timetable as pdf SlideIn omlopp 125 – tidtabell